Network Security is not Optional
It's Must

Cost-effective enterprise-level layered network security designed specifically for SMBs and IT service providers.

Prevent Infection & Malware Activity

We offer a dedicated layer of defence for malware protection and mitigation.

Intelligent Threat Detection

Detection of threat with latest automation and machine learning techniques.

Always Updated Threat Vector

Constantly updating BIG DATA feed to secure your network.

Choose your Security

Warrior DNS is customizable according to your Organization's need.

Private Cloud

Install in Private Cloud

Secures LAN
Public Cloud

Install in Public Cloud

Secures Network Everywhere
On premise Hardware

Install in On premise Hardware

Secures On premise Network

DNS Warrior Features

Secure your network from Malware, Phishing, Cryptomining, Command & Control, Domain Generation Algorithms (DGAs), Spoofing, Rebinding attacks, VPN, Trojan and Malware Ports.
Min Response Time

Warrior DNS has minimum response time for faster internet access.

Cloud-based security

That gives you the power to scale your business without spending more on equipment, staff, or maintenance.

Proven technology

Built on one of the largest, most globally dispersed threat detection networks in the world.

Light Weight

Light Weight Database structure and Simple Architecture which is highly Scalable.

24/7 Support

Easy to handle customer portal for quick support.

Easy Install

Flexible to deploy and Customizable according to different Internet Access Policies.

Customizable Warrior

Customizable and Scalable Network Security according to your Organization's Internet Access Policies.
Now with Warrior DNS Customization you can Isolate your Network from Unwanted traffic.

Country wise Blocking

Block access to selected countries according to your need.

Choose from 242+ Countries

Category wise Blocking

Block selected Categories according to your Organization's rules.

Choose from 74+ Categories

How Our Product Works

Know Basic Things About Your Network
to Save Yourself from Cyber Attacks.

How DNS Warrior Works?

  • Warrior is a DNS Server
  • DNS Server in Recursive Mode (Recursive DNS server)
  • We call Recursive DNS server as Web Security Gateway or a DNS Firewall
  • DNS in Recursive Mode - Inspects the responses from Web/Application Servers from Internet while Browsing
  • Responses from Web/Application Servers will be parsed into Response Policy Zone (RPZ) files (Threat Intelligence Database) within the Recursive DNS server
  • If the responses matches Threat Intelligence Database, web page will get blocked at DNS level itself.Meaning the domain you are trying to access is not trustworthy
  • Once the Web page gets blocked, alerts happen at Email and WhatsApp
  • Logging happens at CSV files with Date,Time,Source IP address,Destination Domain Accessed and Attack Category

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